Volunteering comprises a group of Nutrition students, professors, and employees who are engaged in the social commitment of our university through altruistic activities to meet the needs of the less privileged people.

Volunteers share values, experiences, and skills to assist vulnerable individuals, becoming agents of change who offer their time without expecting anything in return.

Volunteers are focused on helping different vulnerable groups. We work to support children and youth living at risk or suffering foster home abuse, seniors, disabled people, and people living in extreme poverty.

Our purpose is to ensure Nutrition students leave a significant mark.

For further information about internships, please call at 8329 4000 extension 5156 or visit the service window #3 at the Department of Learning Service and Internships located on the first floor of the building next to the Central Administration Offices (main campus).

Executive Vice Presidency

Department of Learning Service and Internships

Office of Internships

Phone: (81) 8329 4000 Extension 5156

UANL Internships: http://www.uanl.mx/alumnos/practicas-profesionales/practicas-profesionales.html

Contact Information
MC. Mirna Elizabeth Santos Lara NC.
Director of Learning Service
School of Public Health and Nutrition
E-mail Address: ss.faspyn@uanl.mx
Phone: 1340 4890 Extension 3058

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