Student Organization

Student Government Board of the School of Public Health and Nutrition

Logo_MD_faspynMission: we will be an organization committed to the interests of our fellow nutrition students by addressing their academic, cultural, and social needs and building solid linkages between them and the school administration.

Vision: our student government board will attain a remarkable transcendence within society and UANL students, being acknowledged as change agents who promote health, physical activity, and good nutrition.

Objective: to achieve the trust of the student community and encourage actions toward a proactive fellowship.

Values: Social Responsibility – Proactivity – Passion – Enthusiasm – Modesty – Commitment

2014-2015 Student Government Board

Victoria Monserrath Baez Ayala
E-mail Address:

Assistant Chair
Lizeth Guadalupe Gonzalez Villarreal
E-mail Address:

Counselor Student
Marcela Elizondo Montes
E-mail Address:

Brenda Lizeth Rodriguez Cepeda
E-mail Address:

Manager of Sociocultural Activities
Ricardo Harold Rojas Ibarra
E-mail Address:

Manager of Sports
Aaron Gael Diaz Garcia
E-mail Address:

Facebook Page: Mesa Directiva FASPyN UANL

Student Government Board
School of Public Health and Nutrition
Phone: (81) 1340 4890 Extension 3077


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