Nutrition Clinic and Food Orientation


Ensure adequate nutrition for a life with quality.


The nutrition clinic is an institution oriented towards the comprehensive provision of quality nutrition services to the demanding population, as an educational unit integrates the substantive functions of the UANL, teaching, research and extension of culture and knowledge in the areas of nutrition clinical and food orientation since October 15, 1985.


To be an educational unit in the area of ​​clinical nutrition, leader in the nutritional management of healthy and sick people, based on academic, research and service models; innovative and high quality.


Provide nutriological care to the demanding population to form a recommended diet according to the evaluation of their nutritional status and thus contribute to improve their health status.

Provide the opportunity to the borrower in social service to carry out their professional practice, applying knowledge, skills, attitudes and values; acquired during their professional training.

Develop research in the specific area to contribute to the scientific development of it.

Catalog of Services

  • Multidisciplinary program for the management and control of obesity in children from 6 to 12 years old.
  • Geriatrics and Gerontology Program
  • Diabetes and Nutrition Program
  • Consultation of Internal and External Nutrition
  • Itinerant Nutrition Clinic
  • Conferences and Food Orientation Talks
  • Participation in media
  • Reception and Sale of Materials
  • Social Responsibility Program

Consultation of Internal and External Nutrition

They include:

Evaluation of nutritional status at the individual level in different stages of life, in healthy or sick individuals considering anthropometric, dietary, biochemical, clinical, socioeconomic indicators, among others.

Nutriological diagnoses, aimed at the identification of food and nutrition problems, as well as for the evaluation of interventions in nutrition.

Internal Nutrition Consultation


Maintain and / or improve the nutritional status of students and workers of the schools and faculties of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

External Nutrition Consultation


Maintain and / or improve the nutrition status of patients outside the UANL.


  • First consultation: $ 250
  • Tracking: $ 150

Itinerant Nutrition Clinic


Implement a comprehensive nutrition program aimed at students and employees of High Schools and Faculties of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.


  • Identify problems of overweight, obesity and other diseases related to nutrition in the university population.
  • Provide individualized nutriological advice to the university population.
  • Provide guidance to increase physical activity in the university population.
  • Participation with stands and information and guidance modules on health, nutrition and healthy eating in Institutions, Companies, Health Fairs, and Medical Brigades.

Conferences and Food Orientation Talks


Provide food guidance to the social, welfare, educational, health and productive sectors to increase food culture


Guidance and nutrition education to formal and non-formal groups, using teaching-learning techniques to prevent, treat and control risks or nutritional problems of the individual, family or community.

Participation in Media

Promote the services of the Nutrition Clinic and provide information to the public on issues of importance in health, food and nutrition.

Sale of Materials

  • Dietary guidelines for patients with diabetes
  • Practical feeding guides for adults
  • List of equivalent foods
  • Clinical histories for different stages of life

Social Responsibility Program

  • Free conferences to open population
  • Food collection campaign in case of environmental contingencies

ENC. Sofía Cuellar Robles, ED.
Tel. 1340-4890 Ext. 3027

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