The Library of the Facultad de Salud Pública y Nutrición, is located on the second floor of the central building of the School of Public Health and Nutrition. (Campus Health Sciences). It has a total area of ​​363 M2 in addition to wireless network that allows students to work in an entertaining way in the reading rooms. The collection is fully specialized in the area of ​​public health and nutrition, has a collective online catalog where you can consult the more than 8,200 volumes, as well as store the collections of other libraries of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon.

Being an academic library, it depends on the structural structure of the Undergraduate Degrees and maintains a close relationship in order to carry out programs that allow the constant updating of the acquis and to comply with the standards of accreditation and certification by the ISO 9001: 2008 standard

The Library’s mission is to provide and innovate through a specialized and updated collection of information services that support the various academic programs and contribute to strengthen the teaching, learning and research of students and teachers of the Facultad de Salud Pública y Nutrición (FaSPyN).

As part of the UANL’s Integral Libraries System (SIBUANL), we are committed to providing quality services, based on our values ​​and continuous improvement to ensure user satisfaction.



The development of collections has been one of the firm items that have been carried out thanks to the intervention of the General Directorate of Libraries of the UANL and the Management of our faculty. It is currently integrated by 8 specialized funds:

  • Fondo GeneralEs is the only fund that is provided at home and is composed of more than 4,000 basic and complementary titles cited in the bibliography of each subject of the degree in nutrition. Mostly 3 to 4 copies to cover the essential needs of the student. In the catalog it appears with the acronym FaSPyN: FG.
  • Fondo Reserva With the objective that a book is permanently available, this book fund is created for the internal service or the photocopy. There are also available materials that the teacher makes available to students. Its acronym in the FaSPyN catalog: FR
  • Diet Therapy Fund A fund that is undoubtedly consulted both by users of the faculty and other institutions of the health sector. In it, you can see the new and varied nutritional therapies of some pathologies such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc. It is abbreviated as FaSPyN: FDT
  • Fondo Organización Panamericana de la Salud Our library is one of the strategic Publication Centers of this important World Organization, so there are more than 1,500 volumes on the topic of Public Health.
  • Fondo Gastronómico More than 300 titles are integrated into this fund where you can see typical dishes and thousands of recipes from common dishes to the most sophisticated in Mexico and some countries around the world. They can be consulted in the catalog as FaSPyN: GTR
  • Fondo Consulta More than 1,000 reference works among them, dictionaries, atlases, food guides, nutrition manuals, among others. Its acronym FaSPyN: FC
  • Fondo de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León This is the only fund that is on a closed shelf, since the University’s publications, reports and other documents of an internal nature are concentrated. Its acronym FaSPyN: FUANL
  • Fondo Hemeroteca Here we can find printed periodical publications of our University and other Universities of Mexico, Instituto de Nutrición, Instituto de Salud Pública, among others. In addition to these printed titles, there are more than 500 titles of electronic periodicals that the user can consult in the digital library. The staff of our library has been given the task of preparing a document classifying the journals by specialty areas.

To have access to electronic collections

If you are in another place that does not have the UANL wireless network, a remote access account is required.
Request it in the library. Go directly to Databases



Our services are offered from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. It is an essential requirement to present the current UANL credential or the internal credential of the library of the Facultad de Salud Pública y Nutrición.

  • Internal loan: This service consists in the loan of all the documents that the library has to consult in the reading rooms to all that user of FaSPyN and another university unit.
  • External Loan: O Loan at home, it includes only those documents identified with the key FaSPyN: FG in catalog and is exclusively for students and professors of the FaSPyN. The time allowed is for a week and it lends up to two books at a time.
  • Photocopy loan: Users of the library can obtain photocopies of books and other printed materials, the maximum time is 40 minutes and the guidelines established for this service must be observed in compliance with the Federal Copyright Law in force in the country.

On-line catalogue


This tool where you have registered all the existing stock in the library, as well as the rest of the SIBUANL libraries. The online catalog provides us with the support of searching bibliographic and hemerographic documents and can be consulted in: Códice

Among other services, the library provides specialized information services and obtained through scientific databases of recognized suppliers such as:



Dialnet Proquest








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Lic. Azucena Irasema Mandujano Maldonado
Library Coordinator
Email: biblioteca.faspyn@uanl.m
Tel. 13404890 Ext. 3022

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