Food Services

General purpose

Provide food and nutrition services that meet the needs of the university community, offering menus that meet the nutritional requirements of beneficiaries, prepared and served according to official regulations in force, on the hygienic handling of food and ensuring sustainability in their production and service processes.

Specific objectives

  • Offer foods that contribute to meet the daily energy and nutrient needs of diners.
  • Ensure the hygienic quality of the preparations offered.
  • Have dishes of excellent flavor and presentation.
  • Create a functioning model that promotes sustainable practices in the operation of the educational unit.
  • Have an educational model for the achievement of professional skills and research in food and nutrition services.


  • Breakfasts, meals, dinners and nutritious snacks according to health needs, for the university community of the health area.
  • Field of professional practices in administration of food services, sustainability and entrepreneurs, among others.
  • Food services in special events.
  • Development of new nutritious products with emphasis on the prevention of diseases.


UDESAN provides service to all university students in the health area and to the public who requests it.

It also serves food service at UANL and external events.


Hours from 8:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday

Executive chef. Efraín Fernando Hernández Hernández

Head of the Food and Nutrition Services Unit

Tel. 13 40 48 90
Ext. 3090


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