Department of Educational and Career Counseling

The Department of Vocational and Academic Orientation works to educate, connect, and advise students about career choice and special needs, the department will provide psychological counseling and tutoring services with professors. This will contribute to improve the quality of our graduates.


  • Contribute to improve the quality of our academic programs and the education of our professionals.
  • Organize the activities aimed to perform tutoring services by professors and professionals.
  • Coordinate strategies of group and individual attention to take preventive actions among low performing students and school drop out.
  • To research about learning processes to evaluate the performance of professors and to know the impact of new curricular implementations in order to take future actions in favor or our academic improvement.
  • Create links with other institutions that allow us to afford necessities of this department to continue working in favor of the students.

Contact Information

David_MorenoMSP. David Moreno Garcia

Institutional E-mail Address:
Director of Educational and Career Counseling
Personal E-mail Address:
Phone: 1340 4890 Extension 3094

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