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The learning service is crucial for the education of undergraduate students since it serves a double purpose: it is a rewarding activity for society and allows students to practice the knowledge and abilities developed during their studies.

This activity is mandatory for all undergraduate students and its credits cannot be transferred to another academic program.

As a result, the Office of Learning Service is responsible of ordering, supervising, and managing each student at the beginning and end of this professional career stage.

The duration of the learning service is six months. Students must complete a minimum of 480 hours, which represent 16 study program credits. 70 percent of the total study program credits must have been covered to register the learning service.

A function of the Office of Learning Service is to promote social improvement through activities across our institution or by joining efforts with public and private organizations that share the same service purposes of our University.

To learn about the requirements for learning service at the School of Public Health and Nutrition, check the documents in the links listed below:

Procedure for Learning Service Certificates

Regulations on Learning Service

Guidelines on Student Procedures

Contact Information
MC. Mirna Elizabeth Santos Lara NC.
Director of Learning Service

School of Public Health and Nutrition
E-mail Address: ss.faspyn@uanl.mx
Phone: 1340 4890 Extension 3058

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